Sunday, April 15, 2012


Visiting Charleston for the first time this week, and filling my sketchbook and camera with images of this remarkable city.  Not to rag on LA, but this town couldn't be more different - historic architecture built in the 1700's, walkable and narrow streets, and few cars.  The people here truly embody the "genteel" character of the south, saying "good morning" as you walk by.  No bums, panhandlers or graffiti to be found. And an extremely vibrant art scene - there are around 80 galleries in the city with most located in the historic French Quarter.

I have also been blessed with "picture perfect" weather so far.  Can't wait to get back and start painting while everything is fresh in my head.  

On my next trip here, I'm definitely bringing the pochade box.

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Nicole Graziano said...

The picture has great depth and composition - striking. I love the bright red light in to the top corner, too. The weather looks very pleasant. Looks like you already have a great sketch going! Enjoy the rest of your time in what sounds like a unique gem of a city!