Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wayne Plein Air Festival

This week, I am painting in the Wayne Art Center Plein Air Festival outside Philadelphia.  The kick-off dinner for the 35 participating artists was held last night at the estate of Barbara Berry in the beautiful countryside of Kimberton.

The dinner was a great opportunity to connect with the many artists who have traveled here from all over the country, including Kirk Larsen who draws a quick sketch of anyone who gives him their business card - a unique way he can later associate a face to the name.

The day started off with rain - lots of rain, which lasted all morning.  But the countryside was so stunning, I was anxious to start painting even with the rain.  I clamped my trusty compact rain umbrella to my field box and went for it. 


Fortunately, the forecast calls for clear skies the rest of the week......

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