Friday, October 26, 2012

Charleston - before the storm

Amen Street   8" x 10"  oil on panel

I am in Charleston this week for the Charleston Art Auction on Saturday, which will include three of my recent paintings of the town.   While here, I’m painting at various locations around the French Quarter and historic downtown area.  The weather was absolutely perfect all week until yesterday when clouds and high winds from the edge of hurricane Sandy arrived. 
A few days ago, I painted the Amen Street restaurant at the corner of East Bay and Cumberland.  I was attracted to the preserved iron columns of the facade, along with the strong light and shadow of the late afternoon sun.  While packing up, I heard two guys yell from across the street “did you finish painting my restaurant?”  My audience turned out to be the two chef/owners of Amen Street.  I followed them into the restaurant – which features a very cool interior that includes a huge wall display of original French poster illustrations and two amazing chandeliers made from hundreds of oyster shells.  I showed them the wet painting and was generously offered a few different varieties of unbelievably delicious fresh local oysters – the specialty of Amen Street.  I promised them I would return for dinner (without the paint-stained clothes) at some point during my stay.

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