Tuesday, March 5, 2013


hibernation   8"x10"   oil on panel

Lately, I've heard a lot of people using the word "hibernation" here in town.  They talk about how nice it has been going into their respective states of hibernation through the winter.  I know how animals must hibernate to survive the cold winter - not exactly sure how people approach the concept as there is definitely no hibernation here in our home.  Through the winter, I have continued to fortify my painting inventory in my frigid back room studio for upcoming shows and the summer gallery selling season.  A few nice art commissions have recently come my way, so there's really no time for hibernation.

The red tractor symbolizes my idea of the concept of hibernation.  The tractor's been stuck in the same place for the duration of the winter -  unable to do anything until the spring thaw begins, people reappear and activity resumes.

The first day of spring officially arrives on March 20th.  Until then, continue to enjoy your winter hibernation.......

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