Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Gift to Reverend Mark Worth

I recently had the pleasure and privilege to be commissioned by the governing board of the Castine Unitarian Universalist Church to create a painting of their historic meeting house as a gift for retiring minister Rev. Mark Worth. The challenge was to create the painting in the depth of a Castine winter, but portray the church the way it would look on a pleasant summer afternoon.  I made several visits to the historic meeting house (built in 1796) at different times of the day to find the optimal light and shadow relationship that would best bring out all the building's subtle details.  On one of my visits, I was fortunate to find the flag of the Philippines flying out front, representing their partner church, the Church of Aquino in the Island of Negros, Philippines. In addition to giving the painting a lively aspect of movement and a striking hit of color, the flag is a symbol of the great collaboration between the two churches.  The painting was one of numerous gifts presented to Rev. Worth from the congregation at his retirement party.


Teresa Dominici said...

I am sure he was happy, this is really a beautiful painting!

The Professor said...

Wonderful gift to Mark. Fond memories for Caeli and I of the church where we were married!

Mark Worth said...

Yes, I am very happy with the painting!! Thank you, Dan, for doing such a wonderful job. It is hanging on my wall nearby as I type this.