Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fresh paint - still life

mixed couple  5x6 oil on panel

turquoise phone  5x6  oil on panel
I just finished moving my studio into a larger room where we are currently living, which gives me more room, better light and the ability to give small painting workshops for 3-4 students at a time - please email me if you are interested in attending an upcoming workshop.  I'm getting back into doing quick still life paintings at small sizes.  I have a collection of vintage rotary phones in a variety of colors that I have always wanted to do a painting series of.  It's also the season for pumpkins, which I find make interesting subjects to paint.  I am auctioning all of these paintings on Daily Paintworks (it's not too early to start Christmas shopping).
black phone   6x6  oil on panel

mini pumpkin  5x6  oil on panel

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