Thursday, May 1, 2014

in the footsteps of Hopper....

I'm in Nyack, New York for the opening reception of my solo show at the Edward Hopper House Art Center this Friday night, and have the wonderful opportunity of seeing the actual places Edward Hopper used for some of his most famous paintings.  The first was the building at the corner of School Street and North Broadway that Hopper used as the subject for his huge (6' x 8') painting "Seven A.M." in 1948.  The building is now a different color and has fewer trim details than shown in the original painting.

I then drove north to the town of Haverstraw and found the house reportedly used by Hopper for his iconic 1925 painting "House by the Railroad."  The house has either gone through a number of modifications or Hopper changed it to suit his vision for the painting.  The railroad tracks are still there across the street and still in use.  Word has it that Alfred Hitchcock personally credited the inspiration for the ominous, towering look of the Bates house in "Psycho" to Hopper's painting "House By The Railroad."

"Seven A.M." by Edward Hopper
building at the corner of North Broadway and School Street -  Nyack, NY

"House by the Railroad." by Edward Hopper

house in Haverstraw, NY

Bates house in "Psycho"

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