Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oil Painters of America Great Paint Out at Grimes Cove, East Boothbay, Maine

summer cottage  8x10  o/p
Yesterday, I participated in the Oil Painters of America Great Paint out at Grimes Cove in East Boothbay, Maine.  The event was organized by the Plein Air Painters of Maine in conjunction with the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast.  It was a great event, attended by a large group of close to 40 plein air artists coming from many different parts of the country.  Although cool, windy and overcast throughout most of the day, it was a great opportunity to  connect with fellow plein air painters and work alongside some of the most accomplished artists in the country including  Anne Blair Brown, Dawn Whitelaw, Andre Lucero, Kevin Menck, Scott Boyle, Peter Yesis and Bobbi Heath to name only a few.  Many thanks to Corinne McIntyre who organized the event and hosted the after-party at her near-by home.

Anne Blair Brown (photo courtesy of PAP-SE)

Dawn Whitelaw (photo courtesy of PAP-SE)
Kevin Menck (photo courtesy of PAP-SE)

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