Friday, October 14, 2011

LPAPA Invitational - Thursday

Another great day of clear weather for plein air painting, although beastly hot.  Today, the invitational artists convened at Crystal Cove for a paint-out sponsored by the Crystal Cove Alliance.  I was there early enough to see the first rays of the morning's light on the cove and its historic cottages.  My painting "Slanted" was done in the morning and "Bridge in Crystal Cove" was painted in the afternoon.  I enjoyed talking with more of the artists who traveled here for the invitational, including Northern California artist Paul Kratter

We submit this weeks plein air paintings to the Laguna Art Museum tomorrow morning for the Saturday night Collectors Soiree and Sale, so I'll be framing tonight.  The public art show and sale will follow on Sunday from 10 to 3.

"Slanted"  8x10 oil on panel

"Bridge in Crystal Cove"  8x10 oil on panel

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