Thursday, October 13, 2011

LPAPA Invitational - Wednesday

"Wednesday Morning, Ocean Avenue"  8x10 oil on panel
Got an early start today, as the persistent fog along the coast had slowed my progress.  I like my paintings to have light, color and the three dimensional qualities that come with strong cast shadows - criteria that is very difficult to capture in foggy conditions.  Fortunately, today was a beautifully clear (but hot) day, so I feel like I was able to get back on track with the three paintings I completed.  I took advantage of the early morning light and painted "Wednesday Morning, Ocean Avenue" which features Main Beach and its iconic lifeguard tower brightly glowing at the end of the street.  I then went to Pearl Street to paint a charming cottage - one of the oldest homes in Laguna Beach.  I then finished out with the completion of "Treasure Island Beach", which I had previously blocked in during Monday's fog.  The day ended with a party for all the invitational artists and their guestshosted by Mary Linda and Jay Strotkamp at their Laguna Beach home.  In addition to chatting about the fog, the heat and other annoyances, we were all amazed by the Strotkamp's extensive collection of plein air art on display in their home.

Tomorrow is the Crystal Cove paint-out, which the public is invited to view.  I hear it's going to be BEASTLY hot tomorrow - Crystal Cove might be a good place to escape the heat.
"Treasure Island Beach"  8x10 oil on panel

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