Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LPAPA Invitational - Tuesday

With the Laguna Beach coast unpredictably blanketed with fog for the last few days, I decided to head for the hills and sunnier skies.  I drove up to an area known as "Old Top of the World".  This eclectic residential enclave has an amazing collection of 20's era cottages, re purposed barns and all other mixtures of eclectic design - just the kind of unique structures I love to paint but are quickly disappearing.  I came across this fantastic little yellow cottage glowing in the mid-day sunlight with a slightly skewed power pole and tangle of wires - all set against a background of blue sky.  I spoke with the neighbor who told me the cottage's owner had intended on tearing the house down to build a bigger home.  Looks like I found this one just in time....

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